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The most up-to-date research and findings, here and in the United States, points to a recognition of the importance that a high quality caring and educational environment has to play in achieving a positive outcome with children who have experienced sexualised histories. This is the essence of practise at WOODLANDS, whereby the care staff understand and demonstrate the importance of ‘nurturing’ as a positive concept.


The pivotal strength of WOODLANDS is, however, information sharing. The cycle of written information turns everyday at WOODLANDS, from care to education, therapy, back to care. All are recorded and read by all. This ensures consistency and keeps young people safe.

Call us on...01978 262777

Ordinarily all new referrals have an initial sixteen-week period of assessment, the purpose of which is to deem their suitability for a long-term therapeutic programme at Woodlands. All houses are furnished and decorated to a high standard. Young people feel respected and valued in such an environment which, in turn, helps them to settle.


We employ skilled and experienced in-house therapists who benefit from expert external clinical consultancy. (See Therapeutic Services). We have our own specialist registered school affording excellent opportunities for students to achieve where perhaps before, success was not possible (see Education).

The WOODLANDS organisation was formed in 1998 and is established as a leading provider working with boys (aged 11-17 years at time of admission) who have sexualised histories. We believe that our organisation has developed a sophisticated model of intervention, based largely on commitment and common sense, yet underpinned by sound therapeutic values.


This ‘Woodlands Way’ has emerged ‘developmentally’ yet is endorsed by current research and validated outcomes. Woodlands is a resource of exceptional quality, which sets high standards and expectations of its therapy, education and care.

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Our fees reflect the services provided by the organisation. In addition to the care, education and therapeutic input, our fees include attendance at all meetings, court, activities, clothing and birthdays. It also includes psychological and psychiatric assessments (where appropriate) including validated psychometric testing.