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Welsh Second Language Key Stage 3


At Woodlands we are committed to the development of the Welsh Language across the whole school and the use of Welsh plays an important part in the everyday life of the school.  Both pupils and staff are actively encouraged to use incidental Welsh in and around the school, this commitment outside of the classroom environment encourages the confidence and fluency of pupils which can be related back to their studies.

All pupils at Woodlands study Welsh as a first or second language.

At KS3, pupils study a vast range of topics with a focus on developing Key Skills.  Pupils are assessed on their Written, Reading, Listening and Oral skills.  All Key Stage 3 Students complete a minimum of 2 Assessment Tests in each skill of oracy, reading and writing during the Academic Year.


Oracy 70%

Reading 15%

Writing 15%












The scheme of work ensures that the learners have opportunities to develop the three language skills of Oracy, Reading and Writing. They will build on skills they have started to acquire and develop, practise, apply and refine these skills through group or partner work or individual tasks in a variety of contexts. Progress will be seen in terms of the refinement of these skills and by their application to tasks. The learners will be given opportunities to develop their creative thinking through the process of planning, developing and reflecting. They will be given opportunities to think creatively, gather, sort and analyse information, reflect on what has been learnt and explore, plan, develop and reflect upon ideas through speaking, reading and writing.


Welsh Second Language































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