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AQA Certificate in Preparation for working Life


This course is designed to give students the skills, knowledge and understanding which will help prepare them for working life, now and in the future, as confident individuals and members of society.

It will enable them to gain a knowledge of finance, enterprises, working practices and how businesses are organised and run. It will also enable students to gain employability skills, such as the ability to problem solve, to communicate effectively and to work well in a team.

The subject is divided up into nine main sections which are covered in depth and detail.


  • Personal Awareness

  • Healthy Lifestyles for work-life balance

  • Relationships and the Differences Between People

  • The Changing World of Work

  • Applying for Jobs and Courses

  • Economic and Financial Aspects of Life

  • Employment Opportunities

  • Enterprise Activities

  • Hazard Identification at Home, on the Roads and at Work


By studying the course students will developa greater awareness of lifestyle issues including how to keep themselves and others safe. It will allow them develop an understanding of organisational structures at work and to explore the role of the employee within a structure.


They will gain an understanding of the range of employment opportunities and the qualifications needed for employment. They will be able to apply the knowledge, skills and understanding developed through studying the subject to feel confident about having to make personal economic decisions in the future.

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Curriculum Subjects

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Students are formatively assessed throughout the subject by teacher observation and marking of completed work to help monitor their strengths and weaknesses. Ongoing feedback is given in order to target areas for improvement and improve learning.


Summative assessment is provided by completion of a written exam paper which accounts for 80% of overall marks for the subject. The exam paper is divided into three sections. Section A contains multiple choice answers, Section B short sentence answers and Section C longer, structured questions. There is also a coursework element which accounts for 20% of overall marks.  For this students are required to produce: A letter of application for a job or course to accompany, a Curriculum Vitae and notes on how to prepare for an interview.


The AQA Certificate in Preparation for Working is a very popular subject with the students in Woodlands. It is very practical in nature and easy to access. Students who complete the course will be grade with either a Level 1 or a Level 2 certificate.


Level 1 is equivalent to a short course GCSE grade D-F, and Level 2 is equivalent to a short course GCSE grade A - C.