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Outdoor Education


We feel we have the most rewarding and fulfilling of jobs.  We believe in what we do and in turn, we do it well.  We believe that the services we provide go beyond the remit of one specific subject area.


The young people we work with benefit enormously from a wide range of therapeutic and nurturing strategies.  We offer them a safe and practical working environment, we show them the trust and the respect they deserve and we give them the opportunity to experience a little more freedom than they are used to in their other curriculum lessons.


We purposefully put tools in their hands and show them how to handle and use them properly and avoid dangerous situations.  This initial strategy forges strong bonds of trust and respect.


The Japanese have a word – “Kaizen” which roughly translates as “constantly learning and evolving”, which is exactly what is happening with Outdoor Education.  Ours is a more holistic environment and has to be to cater for the individual needs of each student.  All our students enjoy, want to and even look forward to coming to Outdoor Education.


It is our desire that we record and preserve the effective working practices we have adopted and build on our strengths in the future.  Thereby creating a powerful and effective model of ethos that will survive and continue to benefit, primarily our students, but could potentially be ‘rolled out’ to many other groups in need of the same services.


One of the reasons we feel Outdoor Education succeeds is our ability to adapt and change a session in accordance with the student’s demeanour or mood at the time.  Play is a very important part of what we do.  Our young people learn without realising they are learning as they learn through play.  We promote teamwork, healthy competition, positive associations and appropriate behavioural patterns.  We have a wide range of abilities within our students and always aim to target our lessons at the right level.  We have high expectations and believe in our students.


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