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At Key Stage 3 (ages 11 to 14) pupils at Woodlands follow a scheme of work which is structured and written to help each pupil build upon their existing knowledge. The schemes are flexible and offer differentiation allowing for a tailored progression to the next level.


Pupils study Number, Algebra, Shape and Space, Geometry and Measure, Probability, Statistics and Data Handling.


At Key stage 4 pupils will study one of the two courses listed below:


WJEC Entry level Qualification


This provides a more relevant curriculum for pupils who are working below GCSE level. The assessment consists of one written examination paper together with Board-prescribed externally-moderated coursework.


WJEC GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Numeracy


The assessment consists of written examination papers taken at the end of the course of study.


Two separate qualifications are available enabling pupils to obtain separate GCSEs in both Mathematics and Numeracy.


GCSE Maths qualifications are designed to help students engage with and succeed in maths. At Woodlands pupils have the opportunity to build on existing mathematical skills and, when appropriate, acquire new ones, both with and without a calculator.


Pupils are also able to progress at a rate that suits them, as they receive individualised tuition. Teachers recognise that pupils learn in different ways and although paper – based methods are very important (as the examinations are in that form); other methods including more practical/hands-on techniques, mathematical games and interactive computer exercises are also used when appropriate.

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