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Curriculum Subjects

in order to conduct a historical enquiry to be submitted as a controlled assessment for their exam. At present the students are covering aspects of the Industrial Revolution and building a case study on the impacts at Quarry Bank Mill, in Styal Village, Manchester. They will cover aspects of change, continuity and regression in topics like population growth, education, work, the vote, transport and health and medicine. They will complete several historical enquiries into famous inventors and people from the time periods of 1750 to 1900. For example, they will study Richard Arkwright and Samuel Gregg, amongst many others.







In History, the students at GCSE level study a two year course from AQA in Medicine through Time. The students cover various periods in time, whilst developing the key enquiry skills required by the national curriculum.


The main focus of the course stems from how medicine has developed over time, and how certain factors have helped or hindered the development of medicine. The pupils will develop skills to address whether these showed continuity, change, regress or progress.


The students are taught to develop skills in chorological awareness, and the types of evidence that can be used for sources in their exam. They will develop their skills in analysing sources of both primary and secondary materials. They will build skills on historical enquiry by looking back through time and discovering how people lived and worked.




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The topics covered are;



As part of the course the pupils need to build a bank of evidence on a local site,




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