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History KS3


The topics covered in Key Stage three History are taught over a period of three years. The students build their key skills set in the national curriculum, through the topics below, to build a varied bank of knowledge on past British History. The course is developed through the guidance in the National Curriculum for Wales – history sector. They cover a range of skills including the development of number, communication, ICT, thinking and PHSE. Throughout the course there are several topics inclusive of Curriculum Cymraeg.

The course structure moves within themes not necessarily periods of time, as it develops the key skills needed across the curriculum whilst developing the student’s numeracy and literacy skills and enhancing their interests across the topics.

The students will have opportunities to visit educational and historical sites and learn about how things happened in the past. They will visit castles from medieval periods, for example Warwick Castle and look at places like Ruthin Goal. Throughout all topics covered the students build on their chronological awareness and their creative skills. They also begin to develop a sense of awareness about the world around them and build upon their knowledge of culture and identity. In a nut shell the course prepares them to become global citizens by offering them lessons to build upon their knowledge of culture as well as learning about perception and developing different empathetic skills. The students are taught through a range of different media, inclusive in the use of ICT and off site education. The structure of the course allows students to take part in many creative building activities and also work intensely on their literacy approaches.  

Recently the students embarked upon a 3D project, where they designed and built a medieval manor. They looked at the historical contexts of the village buildings and used picture evidence to design the manor. They then built upon their numeracy skills and creative abilities to measure and build each item from a range of junk model materials. All students took great pride in this topic and many cross curricular skills were developed. This was great for the development of their transitional skills across the curriculum both from a school and personal point of view. This is significant because it asked the pupils to begin to develop skills in analysing and considering evidence; raising the issues of interpretations in history.  


In learning about topics in the history curriculum that are emotive and controversial, it develops an understanding of how history can be interpreted in different ways. All work covered throughout History at Key stages three and four are cross curricular and involve a high level of 'Curriculum Cymraeg'.




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