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English Language and Literacy at Woodlands is geared to both fit the National Curriculum and the student as an individual.  Whilst the structure of the English language is essential for everyday usage, it's complexity is broken down into manageable chunks and tailored for each student to have the opportunity to fulfil their potential within the subject. Reading books are selected with each student in mind making the experience more than 'barking at words' but personal and meaningful.


Literacy is a current buzz word within the world of education.  For Woodlands students literacy is more than a buzz word, it is a way of communicating effectively within a world that can be both confusing and unfriendly.  In Woodlands, literacy is encouraged across the curriculum and not just in 'English' lessons.


During English lessons Woodlands students will rediscover the elements involved in essay writing, writing poetry, making leaflets and generally being able to communicate effectively through the written word.  Reading is encouraged at all levels and a small library is available for the students offering a range of both fiction and non fiction. Students enjoy reading the informative magazines that are available and this often links in with their formal language work.


During years 11, 12 & 13 students will be entered for English Language GCSE.  Woodlands staff aim to help the pupils end their time at Woodlands with a grade in this subject.




'Recently English Literature has been included in the curriculum for any year 10 lads who are able to cope with that and English Language.

Woodlands school is following the new specification WJEC GCSE for English Literature. This will include studying poetry and the novels Of Mice and Men, An Inspector Calls and Resistance. We are excited to provide this extra GCSE course and look forward to lads gaining GCSE grades in English Literature in future years. It will also be possible for students to study the books for WJEC English Literature without sitting the exam.'


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