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Our registered school is based away from the houses on the edge of the local town centre in spacious surroundings with excellent facilities.  The holistic nature of provision at WOODLANDS ensures the safety of education is not compromised at any stage.  The intensive staffing ratio allows a high degree of supervision during the student’s education.  Timetables are devised in order for the students to have a complement of one-to-one tuition and work with small groups, a contributor to social skills lessons.  Importance is placed upon group work as it creates an inclusive environment and in preparation for their later years at school when there is a possibility of work experience and/or a college placement.


All pupils are taught by specialist teachers who are well qualified and have up to date training in the different specialial educational needs and specified subject areas.




An Educational Psychologist is available to undertake an initial report on educational abilities during the assessment period.  The recommendations can then be filtered into the daily education of the student to aid greater progression.  In addition to this, challenging and realistic targets are set in weekly tutorials where the students are encouraged to take part in agreeing and monitoring these.  The reward for completing these targets is the “Boy of the Week” certificate, something which the students place great emphasis on achieving.

Teachers are allocated PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) time in order to ensure that the students educational needs are met and lessons are well planned.  Regular education meetings are held to ensure that the teachers within the school are informed of students’ progress in each subject areas, ultimately contributing to their Individual Educational Plan.  Review meetings and Statement Reviews are all held in line with the SEN Code of Practice.

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Curriculum Data Sheets


The Curriculum


The Curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all individuals.  Subjects taught include core subjects - Maths, English, Sciences, Physical Education, Religious Education, Information Technology and also History, Geography, Preparation for Working Life, ASDAN, Prince’s Trust XL, Drama, Catering, Art, Food Hygiene and Outdoor Education.  Subjects offered are taught at GCSE or Entry Level depending upon ability.


ASDAN(COPE) and Prince's Trust XL


ASDAN and Prince's Trust XL both offer programmes and qualfications that explicitly grow skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life.  It involves project based units that are based around the development of personal, social and employability skills.  ASDAN provides qualfications ranging from Entry Level 1 to Level 4 and, as higher levels, some of these carry UCAS pointsl


All students are also encouraged to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award which complements other subject areas.  An explicit Behaviour Curriculum is also taught through subjects.

The learning environment is modern and up to date.  The classrooms are vibrant learning resources.

Teaching is led by specialist, qualified and highly trained staff.  Up to date training on ASDAN, Dyslexia and teaching pedagogy and practice is attended by all staff.  The SENCO is also trained in supporting studies with Dyslexia.

The school also has the valuable resource of a cover supervisor/teaching assistant who ensures that there is consistency during any staff absence.  It also ensures that learning is not interrupted and disruption minimised.

Our vision is that all young people are empowered to reach their potential and develop resistance in becoming lifelong learners.


Home/School Booklet, Fire Safety Certificate, Inspection Report and Latest Examination Results


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For more information regarding the school please contact:

Baljit Gandhi-Johnson (Head Teacher) or Phil Young (Chair of Governors)

Telephone 01978 262777


Woodlands School is also accredited with the Basic Skills Quality Mark